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The Everly Story

For too long, traditional life insurance has mainly been a great choice for people with access to an agent. But the fees, rules, and gatekeepers still keep some of the advantages out of reach for most. We made it our mission to offer a better experience.

With Everly Life, there’s no need for doctor visits, tests, or needles—just answer a few health questions. And there aren't any unnecessary costs or surprise fees. Instead, a digital-first way to sign up, access, and manage your plan.

We’re passionate about helping more people protect those they love, while enjoying life’s big moments.

We'll keep making your experience with life insurance better. Because this story is just getting started...

Meet our friends who will help you along the way...


Don’t fear this reaper.

Grimmy traded in the black robe and scythe to help mortals take positive action on their future—while saving time, money, and stress.

Grimmy holding his pencil.

Helpful by design, expert by choice.

Struggling to understand tax advantages or compounding interest? Evie loves numbers and will work tirelessly to help you find the answers you need.

Evie, the catbot.

Steer clear of this old vulture.

Mort loves the slow, predictable way things have always worked and really hates change. Take his advice with a grain of salt—and definitely think twice before faxing him anything!

Mort the vulture, holding a scroll that read "Traditional Life Insurance".