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All of the gains of universal life without the pains.


Safeguard your loved ones with coverage you can trust. Plus, add savings that are accessible whenever you need without paying any fees.1


Protect your loved ones. Save for the future.

Make sure the people you love have what they need through every winter and beyond, with comprehensive coverage.

Three bears sit at a table eating pancakes.

Watch your savings climb higher.

Save your money safely while earning 3.35% at the current interest rate.2

How does this actually work?

  • Current interest rates are at 3.35%. They could change before you buy your policy but won’t drop below 1%.2
  • Your savings are managed by Security Benefit - a partner you can trust with $49.9 billion in assets as of 06/21.
  • Interest is added to your Account Value tax-free–and you can access your money when you need it without paying any fees.1
A beanstalk with dollar bills for leaves grows into the sky

Stash your cash somewhere safe.

Keep the wolves away with the interest your savings can earn over time — and that you can access when you need without paying any fees. Let them huff and puff.1

A wolf and Mort the vulture sit sulking outside a secure house with three little pigs inside.

No surprise fees. No troll tolls.

We banished most fees lurking in the corners of traditional plans. You’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for and why.

A troll underneath a bridge with two broken computer monitors that read "Sales Loads" and "Surrender Charges"

A flexible policy that fits your needs.

Everly Life was designed to work better for you. No strings attached.

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Skip the maze.
Go straight to your money.

It’s your money and you should be able to access it — while you’re alive. Get to your cash without paying any fees. No twists, no turns.1

Evie and a pig navigate an insurance-themed maze.

Easy, start to finish.
(No magic wand required.)

Apply online for free and get your decision in minutes. No doctor visits, no exams, no needles. Just answer a few simple health and lifestyle questions, and we’ll handle the rest.

Evie uses a desktop built into a tree. Her screen reads "No doctor visits, exams, needles"

Life insurance you can believe in.

Everly Life is issued by Security Benefit, an established life insurer for nearly 130 years.

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Create your own personalized estimate

Your protection

Let’s plan your fairy tale ending.

Play with the numbers to see how much you can save while protecting your loved ones.

How's your health?
Do you use nicotine-containing products?

Your savings

Grow more with a savings goal.

Now that your coverage amount is set, add a little extra money every month for the future.

Monthly savings goal target, added to your payment.

Your estimated pot of gold

How’s this for happy Everly after?

Apply now to get protection for your loved ones that lasts until you cancel. Plus, start earning 3.35% interest on your savings at the current rate2.

Interest Rate

Interest Earned
Cash Saved
Your savings after
20 years for coverage of $100K



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